YR Arts Program C in Toronto

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YR Arts Program C in Toronto

9 hour Transformation Course with Yasmina Ramzy

Plus homework & follow -up


YR Arts Program C covers all aspects of being a working professional dance artist. It opens up the many proponents of delivering a comprehensive Raqs Sharqi with integrity, clarity, effectiveness and professionalism. It covers and draws connections between understanding your unique place and contribution to the art form, how to present your uniqueness to wider and wider audiences, managing and directing other dance artists and musicians, effecting substantial change in your students and delivering your message through creativity.


April 24-26, 2020


Program C Curriculum

Artistic Vision

What is your unique artistic voice? Discover your personal message in your art and how to articulate it through creative dance expression. Discover and manifest your artistic vision that will shape your dance career and set you apart from the crowd. Discover the reason for your passion and gain the tools to effectively share it.

Creating Audiences

Go beyond preaching to the choir. Learn how to reach audiences beyond the Raqs Sharqi community. Inspire mainstream audiences with your artistic vision. Gain appreciation from the mainstream dance world as recognized art. How do different audiences receive your art and how to present differently for each audience with impact.

Directing Dance Companies

No easy task. Dance troupes, ensembles and companies come in many forms. Learn how to direct effectively and inspire your dancers. Learn some efficient ways to alleviate wasteful time and energy so you are freed up to concentrate on creativity. Learn how to rehearse effectively, how to choose your dancers, how to run the business of a dance company.

Live Music

Learn how to work with live musicians in a nightclub or in a theatrical venue. What are the communication skills needed on and off stage with musicians. Know Arab music well so that you can utilize the musicians to their full potential and best suited to your artistic vision. Learn how to rehearse with live musicians.

Being an Inspiring Teacher

Be an expert in reading the individual needs, both physical and emotional, of different kinds of students. Find out your unique offering as a teacher and how to communicate it. Understand who your students are and how to attract and inspire them. Learn effective means of guiding students on their journey.


Weekend Schedule

Friday 4:00pm - 10:00pm (one hour dinner)
Saturday 12:00pm - 9:00pm (one lunch, one hour dinner)
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm(one hour lunch)


April 24-26, 2020

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