Performances by Arabesque Dance Company to live music (40 min.)


  • Oyoun - see clip here
  • Huwaa Sahih (Yasmina Ramzy solo)
  • Walla Zeman
  • Bambi Saiidi - see clip here
  • Ma Eli Wa El Telu
  • Amer's Drum Solo (Yasmina Ramzy solo)

Based in Toronto, Canada, the critically acclaimed Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra perform a wide variety of Egyptian and other Middle Eastern dance styles. The music is performed with traditional acoustic instruments- qanoon, naye, violin, oude, dumbek, riqq and daff – plus the beautiful vocals of Najwa Tannus and Nabeel Shahadeh. With choreography by Yasmina Ramzy and musical direction by Dr. George Sawa, this video presents a Cairo-style Raks Sharqi and Saiidi-style dance of Upper Egypt. The Arabesque international touring company has a lengthy repertoire including groundbreaking choreographies Descent of Ishtar and Isis.



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