Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series
Arabesque Academy

Expanding Dance Horizons Workshop Series

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6 master dance artists offering a wide range of insight and unique paths to experiencing dance and its infinite wonders


May 29 - Asli Rakkas - Roman Havasi Story Telling - The Turkish Romani people have a dynamic way to tell stories of passion through their music and dance.

May 30 - Hany Morgan - Sufi Rhythm - Being engulfed in history through mezmerizing rhythms, movments, and melodies of the Egyptian Sufi tradition (bring a duff or a circular tray).

May 8 - Esraa Warda - RECORDING AVAILABLE - Algerian Rai Groove - Algerian Rebel Groove is infectious music and dance symbolizing freedom of expression despite censorship and stigmatization.

May 9 - Sashar Zarif - The Sacred Body, A Living Story - An integrated practice of dance, music, and storytelling rooted in rituals of Sufi and Shamanic traditions across Islamic societies.

May 15 - Yasmina Ramzy - RECORDING AVAILABLE - Be The Art - Manifesting the freedom of improvisation creatively into Raqs Sharqi choreography while keeping the integrity of an honest cultural dance and music.

May 16 - Jeff Dimitriou - Awaken The Artist Within You Stretch your body, mind, soul and discover that your stage presence can be infinitely huge when you discover your artistic potential.


All workshop times are 1-3pm EST, 10am PST, 6pm GMT

 One workshop $39 CDN. Take all 6 for $129 CDN 

Recordings available through streaming for all workshops except Sashar Zarif for one month following. 

Ontario residents may use code ONTARIO to receive 25% discount

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Jeff Dimitriou - International celebrity choreographer & director Jeff Dimitriou’s artistic projects include creating for film, television, world ceremonies, theatre, live events, and art installations. From Emmy and Oscar winning film and tv to world touring theatre productions, to choreographing and directing for mass ceremonies such as The Pan American Games, Parapan Games Opening Ceremonies and FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremonies and the 2018 NHL Classic.. His Illustrious career includes working with and creating for such esteemed companies as Mirvish, ABC, Netflix, OutTV, Nickelodeon, NBC, Crave, Amazon Prime etc. He is the creator and founder of JDX Creative Entertainment. @jeffdimitriou @jdxcreative

Esraa Warda - is a performance/teaching artist that preserves and transmits popular North African dance forms. A young talent of Algerian origin, she is a community-taught dancer under the mentorship of women elders in her family and artists from Morocco and Algeria. She is a firm advocate in the power of intergenerational transmission, women-led traditions, and decolonizing euro-centricity, Orientalism, and oppressed bodies in dance. esraawarda.com @wardadance

Sashar Zarif is an internationally renowned performing artist, educator, and researcher. For the last three decades Zarif has toured across 40 countries; and has spent his professional life promoting cultural dialogue through intensive fieldwork, residencies, performances, and creative collaborations. His award-winning, multi-disciplinary dance projects are steeped in the artistry and history of traditional, ritualistic, mystical and contemporary dance and music of the Central Asian, Middle East and North African regions. sashardance.com

Yasmina Ramzy - is the director of Arabesque Canada and Yasmina Ramzy Arts. She has created over 200 ensemble choreographies, including ten full-length productions, for twenty-five dance companies in the United States and Canada, since 1981. Yasmina has produced ten international dance festivals and conferences. She received her essential training from teachers in Egypt and Syria and has performed extensively in the Middle East, primarily with the master musicians of Syria. Some of her productions have toured in the United States, Greece, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and across Canada. Yasmina has taught in 70 cities around the world. YasminaRamzyArts.com

Hany Morgan - began playing percussion at age five and performing Sufi drum and dance at age seven. Raised in a musical family in Cairo, Egypt, he was surrounded by music and dance art and taught to play the derbeki (Arab drum) by his father Sheikh Ibrahim. The Morgan family have performed Islamic traditional religious choral music in the time of King Farouk and special concerts for dignitaries. As well as the derbeki, Hany plays the duff, tura/segat, violin and naye. Hany has been the lead drummer for and toured the globe with Egypt’s famous El Tanoura Dance Troupe since 2002. As well as composing and teaching, he records and tours with many musical and dance productions worldwide. In 2019, Hany was voted Best Percussionist in the World at the Shanghai International Percussion Festival.  https://www.facebook.com/hany.morgan.771

Asli Rakkasis a performer and teacher of Roman Havasi and Raq Sharqi. She first learned this dance style by watching Turkish Romani people dancing back in her home country, Turkey. She also took classes with Iana Komaryntska and Serkan Tutar to deepen her knowledge of this art form. Asli performed in many festivals and productions like Luminescence (2015) and Alchemy (2017), Dance Ontario Dance Weekend (2019), Habari Africa Festival (2019) and Canadian Arab Orchestra Multicultural Festival (2019). As of 2019, she is a member of Yasmina Ramzy Arts Dance Company. In 2016, she won an award for her Turkish Rom style performance at Star Belly Dance Canada.  https://www.facebook.com/asli.dedeagac