DVD - Bellydance Technique Volume 1 (Instructional)


Bellydance Technique Volume 1


This instructional video is geared towards Bellydancers of all levels who have mastered the video or DVD entitled Bellydance Movement Foundation in the Arabesque Academy Instructional Series. It delivers detailed description and demonstration of walking undulations and body waves, walking forward and backward figure eights, walking fish and maya and undulating fish, walking hip circles and six kinds of hip kicks. Different variations are presented for each of these dance steps.

All Arabesque Academy instructional videos/DVDs offer a solid foundation for the beginner student while challenging the professional dancer. Each volume is a grouping of Bellydance steps. The volume number has no correlation to levels of difficulty; it represents only the order in which they are released. The only prerequisite for any volume number is Bellydance Movement Foundation. The instructional series is a good prerequisite for the Choreography and Workout Series.



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