Bellydance Blossom Festival DVDs


7 performances and 5 Blossom Talks at the Studio Theatre, Harbourfront Centre April 1-3, 2017

(Each one hour performance is a separate DVD. All 5 Blossom Talks on one DVD)

Each DVD is $20

No shipping charges if picked up at Arabesque. Will be available by May 18, 2017

Performance Programmes 


# 1/ Friday May 5, 2:45-3:45pm

Roula Said Ensemble - EW-E

Amy Leung creates for Layla Vanessa – CWRP –S

Rahma Haddad creates for Amy Wilson – CWRP-S

Alia Thabit creates for RakSultana Dancers – CWRP-E

Rahel creates for Riviera – CWRP-S

Florence Leclerc creates for Sisters of Dance – CWRP-E



#2/ Friday, May 5, 9:00-10:00pm

Jamiila – EW-S

Arabesque Student Troupe - EW-E

Iza San & Pierre Khoury create together - CWPP-E

Willow Chang – EW-S

Layla Vanessa creates for Charlotte Lin – CWRP-S

Ariane Vega creates for Delkash Dancers – CWRP-E

Hany Morgan

Mohamed with Streetdance group



#3/ Saturday, May 6, 12:00-1:00pm

In-Toy Omri – EW-E

Sausan Molthen creates for Julie Middleton – CWRP-S

Nisreen – EW-S

Yasmina Ramzy creates for Leanna Mendolia - CWRP-S

Deb Shaw – EW-S

Layla Vanessa – EW-S

Sisters of Dance – EW-E

Mohamed Salah – Saiidi


#4/ Saturday, May 6, 6:00-7:00pm

Pierre Khoury creates for Katy – CWRP-S

Leona Planko Finlayson – EW-S

Gretchen Clare creates for Layal – CWRP-S

Sari – EW-S

Abigail creates for Rania & Daniella – CWPP-E

Vanessa of Cairo creates for Rahel – CWPP-S



#5/ Saturday, May 6, 9:30-10:30pm

Florence Leclerc creates for Grace & Beauty CWPP-E

Jawaahir Dance Company – EW-E

Vanessa of Cairo creates for Ya Eshta – CWPP-E

Arabesque Dance Company - EW-E

Hany Morgan - Segat

Mohamed Salah - Nubian



#6/ Sunday, May 7, 4:45-5:45pm

Julie Middleton creates for Eastside Hips – CWRP-E

Diane Adams – EW-S

Rahel – EW-S

Amy Leung creates for Christina Brown - CWRP-S

Raina Bellydance – EW-S

Angelik creates for Helene – CWRP-S

Layal – EW-S

Shira creates for Habeeba Hobeika Dance Co. -  CWPP-E

Deb Shaw - EW-S



#7/ Sunday, May 7, 7:45-8:45pmp

Arabesque Earthshakers – EW-E

Mohamed Salah & Hany Morgan – Explorative Work (Sufi)

Kaeshi Chai creates for Saqqara, Siobhan Milner, Angelika CWPP-S

Hany Morgan

Mohamed Salah & Yasmina Ramzy

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