Bellydance Blossom Festival w DINA - May 4-6, 2018


Register for 3 days of awesomeness - same Harbourfront Toronto Canada location, same creativity and discussion but now DINA will participate in discussions as well as teach and perform.


Deposit of $300 to hold your spot. Balance of $389 due March 5, 2018.


If you paid $300 before August 2, your balance of $289 is due March 5, 2018.

If you paid $200 after 6:00pm May 8 and before August 2,  your balance of $389 due March 5, 2018.

If you paid $200 before 6:00pm on May 8, your balance of $289 is due October 16, 2017.


Artists Discounts are ONLY for members of performing ensembles of 3 or more dancers who will be performing at the festival or have applied to perform.

In Town dance ensemble members who are are applying to perform, use code HOMEGROUP when checking out for 15% discount

Out-of-Town dance ensemble members who are applying to perform, use code TRAVELGROUP when checking out for 30% discount

Please be sure to write in Notes section the name of the ensemble you are performing with and from which city.

This is the 3rd and final Bellydance Blossom Festival.

No Refunds, Transfers are allowed.

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